Saturday, May 5, 2007

My Journey to Toronto and beyond

Coming to Toronto was exciting, my first plane trip ever. From Montreal I took the Boeing 777, it was huge. Training was fun, I feel a little prepared, especially with the practical exercise we did today, interviewing mock Zambian farmers interested in growing Sorghum. We leave tomorrow and fly through Milan, an eight hour stop over. When I get to Accra it will be very late and we will stay in Accra before leaving for Tamale in the morning. I am excited, this is a whole day bus ride! After a week of in country training I will head to Buipe where I will spend the next 4 months cruzing around on the back of a motor cycle. I am excited!

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Dad said...

Hi: guess you are still out travelling the wide open spaces - must be tough travelling on the back of a "bike". Hope you still enjoying the sites and the "hot" weather. Tried to send some messages BUT we were having trouble with the internet. Let us know how/where/what you are up to when you get near a computer. Everyone sends their LOVE.

Take care, Dad and Judy
PS let us know if you get any of our messages? Not sure what we are suppose to do with a BLOG. Dad